A dynamically stiff and solid base frame is engineered using the latest 3D CAD tools. Together with a carefully selected elastic mount system we can achieve the best structure borne noise reduction.
Structure-borne noise reduction

When designing a base frame we take into account:

  • Machinery weight, dimensions and COG
  • 6/12 degrees of freedom (DOF) calculation
  • Natural frequencies calculated in our FEA software
  • Specific project requirements

Through FEA and specific mount selection (both single and double) an optimal result can be achieved.

When required we can use our 3D noise level prediction software to predict air-borne levels and FEA to analyse the generator foundation on stiffness and natural frequencies.

Custom design

As no machine or project is the same, we strive to go beyond the air-borne noise reduction of standard sound enclosures and incorporate any specific requirements from our customer.

Our engineering does not stop at the enclosure as we know that an inadequate mount selection, rigid connections of appendices and dynamically weak supporting foundations can largely destroy the effect of any enclosure, no matter how good.

Our base frame can eighter be used as part of the enCAPsure sound enclosure in a single relient configuration or used as the subframe in a double resilient system.

Custom made solutions